A Letter to Prospective Donors

Erick Kipngetich,

501 Westminster Avenue,

Fulton, Missouri-65251.

Hello sir/Madam,

To Whom It May Concern.

I am Erick Kipngetich, International freshmen student from Kenya at Westminster College Fulton Missouri USA. I am aspiring to be an Anesthesiologist and that is why I am majoring in Nursing and Biology minor. My passion is to work in my home country Kenya and around the world helping underprivileged individuals especially in health related issues and in addition I want to be an advocate for the underprivileged children in rural homes, children who cannot tend to their basic needs get access to good and quality education.

In August 2013, I Came to further my studies at Westminster College through its generous 50% scholarships and 50% sponsorship from my uncle. Unfortunately, after my first semester my uncle who promised to support my college education finally declined to honor his ultimate promise. His actions has left me with no choice but to delve deeper into my routine and find a way to achieve these goals—but I need people out there whose hearts are filled with kindness and generosity with passion for education and its impacts in the lives of youths to get hold of my hands and lift me up. People who believe in my vision enough to compelled them into action.

However, I am not willing to go through college on the backs of my other relatives, who are unable to afford many of their wants, needs, and dreams. My supportive mother too is paying for my other sibling’s primary and secondary education and asking her support is like taking away education for my other siblings. It is my believe that there are moments in our lives where on must humble himself/ herself and reach out a hand for support from individuals other than those we are relate to, and my moment has come now.

This is why I am writing this letter to you. I need to gain your support as I travel through this journey of Education towards my ultimate dream. I am asking for small donations of at least $50 or $ 100. My goal is to raise $ 100,000 which will pay for my college fee for the remaining 31/2 years and enable me acquire some college related materials like textbooks. My target is to reach at least 1000, donors each donating $ 100. These small donations will aid successful completion of my college education.

Remember this is a genuine appeal not a scum and you can always contact Westminster College for further verification. My college ID 461905. Your online donation is secure as donation is being processed by WePay.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. You may reach me at EKipngetich.17@westminster-mo.edu


Erick Kipngetich

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Table of Contents


3.            My Beloved Country Kenya

4.            My World

5.            Attribute to my Mother

6.            Diary entry- The Girl who inspired me.

7.            Cheres High school

8.            A letter to My Best Friend

9.            Reflection

10.          Favorite Meal-Ugali

11.          By God’s Grace

12.          Social aspect

13.          Quotes/saying and my philosophy

14.          Epilogue


The idea to create this research paper didn’t come so easily. At first, I had no idea what I wanted to write about and kept changing topics all the time. I notice that it is pretty difficult for one to describe him or herself. At last I decided to write about what defines me as a unique person. I believe this will inspire my readers especially the youths to understand that we are all unique and our situation is never constant, we are ever changing, our environment and our personality changes as we get new friends along our life journey.

Personally, I believe that I am unique. As the word of God states “So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27” and “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…Psalms 139:14”. I believe that every individual feel that in same way that they are unique. However, there are many things that bring the differences amongst us. For instance citizenship, religion, food they eat, Language, beliefs, values, and the way they speak, walk, dress, talk, dance and their association with social groups or persons defines their uniqueness. Our names and other identification materials we have clearly show who we are. I am no different, and to confirm this, colleges and universities help by giving us a real sense of our unique nature. For instance my Westminster College identification card shows a unique 9 digits number, a number that will distinguish me from the rest of the student population and make me pretty unique a number that will never be shared. This is enough assurance that I am unique.

 I believe that many things that shape my life currently were cultivated along the way. My character as an outgoing person was never with me during my birth. This is something I learned from school through a friend who really inspired me and change how I perceive everything about life. This reminds us that our identity, our personality our uniqueness is greatly influenced by the environment, situations and people we come in contact with such as our relatives, teachers and our friends. It is also important to note that some friends we encounter in life sometimes became part of us to the extent that we cannot do without them. For instance in this article I included the story about a girl I met first in school, I girl who became a source of inspiration to me. In such situation we need to get hold of such friends by being trustworthy, honest and faithful. For such friends keep us moving during hard times in life.

As mention earlier, situations we face at times and experiences help define our uniqueness.  The way we approach such situations prove exactly who were as some may quit, other my try before quitting and other try as much as they can to solve a problem without giving up.   For instance the situation, the feelings and experiences I got while being a teacher at Cheres high school in Kenya shape my uniqueness as well as my identity. I felt running away from reality but something kept holding me back until I realized I had to do something before leaving the place. This where I discover my other unique  traits of being kind, generous, emphatic and  emotional as we try with my other friends to put a dorm  and a library for rural girls.it was a hard time for me. The article about cheres High school reminds my readers that we should face the reality rather than running away from it. My readers will learn to hope, have faith and believe that there is a solution for every problem or challenge that came along our way.

Generally, I must confess that, environment, culture and friends have the largest influence on me but I believe none of my friends resemble me because everyone is unique on his/ her own style and we need to be proud of ourselves. 


Introduction Poem

My Identity


When you ask me to define myself I say that I am


Me, not


Well maybe he, but defiantly not


Yes, definitely not she


You ask me who you want to


And I respond


Because if I wasn’t


Then who would I



Who, what, when, where, how, is identity

Identity is


Shaped like the Grand Canyon except with things other than identity

Who is identity?

Nobody is without identity

When is identity

Identity is forever, when you least expect it and when you most expect it

When it is in dire need and when you can care less

Where is identity

Identity is everywhere and is shaped by everything

How is identity

Identity is, because of your Uniqueness

I Am Unique

Every individual feel that in some way they are unique. The way they speak, walk, dress, talk, dance and their association with social groups or persons defines their uniqueness. Our names and other identification materials we have clearly show who we are. I am no different, and to confirm this, colleges and universities help by giving us a real sense of our unique nature. For instance my Westminster College identification card shows a unique 9 digits number, a number that will distinguish me from the rest of the student population and make me pretty unique a number that will never be shared. This is enough assurance that I am unique.

To begin with, my family tree is unique. I am lucky to be born in a cross-cultural family where my father comes from a Kalenjin community and my mother from a Maasai community. The two speak two completely different languages and have very different cultures and religious beliefs where some are Christians and others are pagans. This has a given me a sense of diversity within the family where I am exposes to two diverse cultures and languages; the aspects that I really appreciate because it has enabled me speak multiple languages and experience the trilling beauty of Maasai culture where my Mother comes from. In addition, I had a chance to be exposed to different ceremonies and festivals within the two cultures  where each one of them have their own unique way of celebrating certain festivals like Christmas and  Easter holidays and we get opportunity to enjoy different types of foods. I believe being in such a family make me more unique.

Secondly, my strong interpersonal and communication skills are my greatest assets that define my unique nature. The skills have enable me interact, work and associate with people of most diverse backgrounds. I treat all people equally and I do hate inequality and prejudice and always ready to stand up for any person being treated unfairly or with bias because of race, origin or any other things related to background that an individual has inherited at birth and cannot be change. My passion and determination to be fair to all always wins me a lot of friends. It is also true that I can easily influence people by putting forward my ideas in a better way and providing people with opportunities to get together and be nice to each other. In my opinion, this ability to sustain a group of friends is a talent in itself as it strengthens and widens my social circles besides contributing cohesion and friendliness in my environment thus makes me more unique.

Being an outgoing person is another unique aspect that distances me from my close friends and relatives.  As I was born and raised in rural home my early life was filled with Social unease and shyness crippling character traits that prevented me from adventure in thriving to expand my social networks. While in high school I met a girl who inspire me and influenced me a lot. From then I started developing this skill and it has become part of me. With this unique character, I no longer have difficulty or trouble in introducing myself to new persons and for sure I have being having a lot of fun in thriving on social interactions and  my friendship circles have  widen tremendously. Additionally, being an outgoing person has helped me built my self-esteem, confidence and to be able to giving positive complements to the people around me. Being out going is an unique aspect that has made my life better and happier.

Another aspect that makes me unique is that I am a positive natured person with a deep sense of kindness, generosity and compassion for other people and sensitivity to their feelings. For instance, I have involved myself in doing a lot of charity work since I graduated from high school. First volunteering at Chepkolon Academy as grade 7 and 8 teacher was a great opportunity for me to express my kindness, generosity and compassion for kids, then switching to a high was another thrilling moment for me. I felt so unique to be in a school environment mentoring young people who will be our future doctors, Nurses, teachers…. While at Cheres high school I felt quitting but my generosity, kindness kept holding me back until I and my other friends set up a girl’s dormitory and a library to benefit the students. From this date volunteering at places where people need help became part of my life because it help gives me a sense of belonging to humanity through meeting the needs of the disadvantaged in the society. I am responsible and responsive to all individuals who happened to be in need of a friend and stand ready to reach out to them. I never hesitate to offer my help myself, without waiting for others to ask. Because of this unique personality most of my friends enjoy it and are convinced that I am a great asset in any group due to my open, sociable and friendly character.

Religion is another aspect that defines my personal uniqueness. Born and raised up in a mixed family where different religious beliefs exist, I made my way to Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  I believe in Jesus and the teachings of the Bible. I believe this is a factor that set me apart because most of my family members and friends do not have such beliefs. I strongly believe that serving God faithful will ultimately make our plans and goals come true. In addition to this unique aspect, religion has made me to view life in a different perspective. I believe anything is possible and everyone in this world has a purpose in life and striving for success everything is attainable bearing in mind that my success will not be definitely yours. Having this in mind I am not quick in judging others in the manner of their living and this value sets me completely different from my peers and my friends.

Goal setting is another aspect that defines my uniqueness. I believe setting goals is a fundamental component to long term success.  By setting goals I have been  able  to achieved what I wanted  in a specific time frame besides helping me to be organized in everything that I do.  For instance, presently my goal is focusing on college education with the aim of getting good grades because I highly value education. To me education paves way into the world of opportunities and the outlet from dependency. In working towards my goals I always observe the things around me, listen to the pieces of advice given and learn from my own experiences because I believe that doing so, I might increase my knowledge. This is the unique personality that distinguishes me from my friends and most of the people around me.

Finally, my uniqueness has given me the opportunity to take a hard look at myself and my career path. Even though I was drawn to helping, counseling and teaching grade 7 and 8 pupils and though my elementary education was my career path, I have realized that anesthesiology is my passion. I have decided to change my major at Westminster College to Nursing. In making this painful decision, I am self-assured in my career path, I feel more encouraged towards college, as I am really immerse myself in this field as an anesthesiologist.

My world

“Poverty is a choice, it’s not permanent everyone has a chance to overcome…” a phrase that changed my life.

For the past twenty two years, my environment has consistently had a huge impact on my character. I am the fourth-youngest of eight siblings, five girls and two boys. Brought up in a rural home and a poor family with no education background was the most painful experience in my life. None of my older sisters went through high school successfully; they sought for marriage as a way of escaping poverty that threatens to wipe us all. We survived with one meal and sometimes we went to sleep with our empty stomach an experience that kept us yawning and awake all the night. As if that was not enough domestic violence characterize our home, I remember there was no single week that passed without violence and this traumatize us but mum kept encouraging us that one day everything will be fine. We kept praying so hard and left everything to the hands of God and sometimes to fate.

                One fateful day in 2002, I accompanied my dad to the market and he vanished to the thin air never to resurface again. This incident cripples us completely after the debtors came to our home claiming our father took their money. They took everything we had and finally sold our small piece of land. We went into the street and finally we sought refuge at the grandmother’s place but my granny was too poor to sustain us, we went back and found ourselves settle on a small plot given to us by a neighbor. We plunge into complete poverty. Every weekend we work at our neighbor farms to get food and school fees. My fellow schoolmates ridicule us and we faced rejection. Education wise I had no one to look up to my pitiful education.

In class six while reading a newspaper article I came across this phrase “poverty is a choice, it’s not permanent everyone have a chance to overcome…” my life change, I saw education as the only way out despite the uncertainty in it. Despite many challenges, I gain support from my teachers and my church member a great inspiration that kept me moving forward. Finally I excelled in school from a young age. During the first few years of high school, however, a transformation occurred. I gradually realized that the standards I had set was too low although helpful at first were no longer sufficient. I came to understand that in order to be truly satisfied with myself, I must surpass the successes of my competitors, not simply match them. For example, all of my classmates were good in class, but none of them participated in particular co- curricular activities. So I went for excellence in sports and academics and finally I was able to represent my school in national athletics and Music competitions. I have realized throughout the past several years that, due to some fundamental ambition within my character, I must exceed the standards I set and the expectation of my society.

Besides my mum and my church, I was also dramatically influenced by my high school. Attending Kabokyek Adventist High School, a well-known mission school in Kericho, Kenya, instilled me great expectations of academic and personal excellence within me. The staff motivated and inspired me, providing invaluable guidance. For example, Mr. Kirui, who taught me Biology and couch me in cross-country in form three, also gave me a great deal of insight about life as a whole. Whenever I was worried about something – social, academic, vocational, or otherwise I was unafraid to approach him about it. He never failed to provide me with excellent insight, particularly regarding academy issues and my own future. His advice in terms of my own future, however, has been even more important. As young and uncertain of what I want to do with my life, I need as much guidance as I can get, and Mr. Kirui, along with many other teachers at Kabokyek Adventist High School, helped me a great deal with this need.

Moreover, my peers, many of whom had ambitions similar to mine influenced me in many ways that most students at other schools probably could not. For example, Clara one of my closest friends and a desk mate was struggling with many of the same issues regarding the future that I am. Whenever I was not fully satisfied by the guidance elders provided, I found it beneficial to turn to my peers, because they were able to relate much more immediately to my situation. My conversations with Clara provided me with a great deal of insight about what I wanted from my own future. In short, my environment – including my family, my teachers, and my peers – has played an immeasurable role in shaping me as an ambitious individual. So I confidently say I am young man molded by different people and I belong to the community.


The story “My World” narrates about my life since I was born.  My unique Identity has been shaped by many factors which include my hope, faith, determination and a will to succeed. Despite the shoddy beginning, I never lost hope and focus.  In this journey, my family, friends, church mates, teachers, environment, situations and experiences had an immerse influence on my personality. These factors define my unique nature and illustrate exactly who I am. I believe by reading this story my readers will be inspired to understand that our life’s, our situations are ever changing. All what we need is to have faith and believe that everything is possible.